Functional Health Consulting for the Athletic Woman

Reignite Your Human Potential, Maximize Your Performance, and Take Control of Your Health

Empowering athletic women to elevate their health and performance by reconnecting to their ancestral principles and reigniting their inner wisdom.

Your most confident, powerful & high-performing self is already within. You just have to tap into your inner ancestral wisdom to find HER.

Custom Protocols

My signature program is uniquely designed around YOU and your goals, using a personalized strategy that supports your lifestyle.

Lab Testing & Analysis

Functional Medicine lab testing to optimize nutrition & longevity, and maximize your health potential.

Seamless Process

Get the tools you need to make real, sustainable changes for your health with a fun & easy process you’ll actually enjoy! 

Reignite Your Purpose

Strengthen your inner wisdom, discover your purpose, and cultivate a deeper relationship within to recapture your sense of self and live the life you want.

Be Resilient

Learn how to adapt quickly and bounce back from anything life throws your way by regulating and restoring your nervous system.

Gain Vitality

Transform your physical, mental and emotional health, so you can feel truly ALIVE and take on life with more vigor, confidence and ease.

Hi, I’m Gillian

Your Functional Health Consultant

As an athletic woman myself, I understand both the fulfillment and challenges this lifestyle brings. I chose this path to help other women like me reach their health potential and create an environment that breeds positive and lasting change.

Whether you're still new on this journey, or you’ve been trying to reclaim your health for years and desperately need answers, I can help you gain clarity.

My Catalyst Method stems from both my personal and professional experiences within the Sports Rehabilitation and Orthopedic space. Over the years, I have cultivated a blueprint that addresses ALL areas of health & performance – not just the physical, but all the systems of the body that are highly interconnected.

Today, I get the opportunity to help women reach their optimal health potential by bringing it back to the way we were designed to live, eat, and move, all while enjoying the process along the way. My mission is to be an ally, a teammate, and resource for you on your health journey, so you can take control over your health and live the life you wish to create.

I look forward to being your teammate on this health journey!


Gillian Casucci, B.S., FMHC

Sneak peek

Uncover top methods for female athletes to combat adrenal fatigue and optimize performance! These strategies are taken straight from my signature program “The Catalyst Method” to ignite your journey.

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Ever Feel Like You’re Trying Hard to…

BUT... You’re still struggling to see any improvements?

→  Eat nutritiously
→  Take your supplements
→  Minimize your stress
→  Get enough sleep
→  Be active

Our modern life demands SO MUCH of us – now, more than ever.

I get it, because I’ve been there.

Our environment demands working more to support a certain lifestyle, while trying to maintain a balance between everything else –

Spending time with friends & family, managing household chores and errands, and, on top of that, trying to improve your health.

It can feel overwhelming, stressful, and just plain exhausting. 

When you integrate ancestral principles with our modern ways, you have:

But, what if I told you there is a better way to approach life?

More time
Stronger health
Enhanced longevity
Better performance
Greater control

So you can ultimately live life the way YOU want to live it.

Yes, I need your help!

The Catalyst Method


Gain the expert support and guidance to stay consistent and motivated every step of the way.

Test, don’t guess! This shows the current status of your health to get even more specific with how to support and optimize your wellness.

You’ll receive a custom plan that’s in alignment with your body’s nutritional needs, while still being enjoyable to eat.

Depending on your current health status, supplements may be recommended to optimize your well-being on every level.

Each session is specifically designed for you. These sessions will provide you with actionable items and wisdom for sustainable change.

These principles are an easy-to-follow guide that you will incorporate daily to improve your health in a simple and effective way.  

Start your journey today

The Catalyst Method

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Functional Lab Testing
Personalized Nutrition
Custom Protocols & Supplements
Weekly High-Touch 1:1 Sessions

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The Catalyst Reset

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Health Assessment
Functional Lab Testing
Custom Supplements 
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How it Works


This is your chance to share your health goals and struggles. You’ll receive honest feedback on how this program could be in alignment with what you’re looking to achieve.


You’ll be onboarded into The Catalyst Method, where you’ll receive high-touch support in taking your health, performance, and longevity to the next level.


At the end of our 12 weeks together, you’ll reflect on where you started and where you currently stand, after working so diligently to improve your health.

We’re a Great Match If…


You’re Ready to Take Control 

You are committed to your health journey and taking control of your own life.


You Love Evidence-Based Care

You appreciate the science and history of humankind that is deeply rooted in research and supportive evidence for longevity.


You Want an Actual Strategy

You are seeking a plan catered to your unique physiology and biochemistry, so you can *actually* reach your health goals.


You Prefer a Holistic Approach

You want to learn what you can do to help improve your quality of life to address the root causes of health integratively with conventional medicine.

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Hear From Happy Women…

“I have more energy and confidence than ever before.”

“I wish I had done this sooner! I have more energy and confidence than ever before. I now understand what my body needs and I am so proud of my results. Thank you for helping me reclaim my life back.”


"This program allowed me to create a whole new standard of what feeling healthy and happy could be."

“I am a runner and always considered myself relatively healthy. I found Gillian’s program and quickly became motivated when my performance increased. This program allowed me to create a whole new standard of what feeling healthy and happy could be.”


Taking control of your health is the single most foundational means of taking control over your own future.

No. The way insurance is structured and the way health care is treated in this country causes a lot of limitations for providers. We’ve chosen to be “out of network” so that we can serve you, the client, and not the insurance company. This allows us to support you completely based on your unique needs.

Do you accept insurance?

The Catalyst Method takes a unique approach that is specifically designed to YOUR unique biochemical individuality. Nothing is cookie-cutter. This method provides you with the knowledge and tools to create lasting and sustainable change in your health, performance, and longevity.  

How is this different from other health programs I’ve tried in the past?

You will receive (1x) 30-minute private session every week. Outside of that, the average amount of time you should pour into yourself based on the teachings (exercise, lifestyle practices, etc.) is 5-8 hours/week. 

How many hours will this program take me each week?

The labs give us valuable insights into your nutritional needs – whether you’re getting too much or too little of any key nutrients. This data allows us to understand your body’s unique needs to optimize your health.

What specifically will I learn from the lab testing?

Questions & Answers

Functional Health Consulting for the Athletic Woman

Ready to Take Control?

If you’re sick and tired of not seeing real results or feeling your best, and you want a strategy that makes sense for YOU – book a FREE “Connect Consult” to see how we can work together to reignite your health today!